Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New Chapter of an Old Notes

I thought I already lost you, but it is not true until I found you. All these years you were left alone untouch, unseen, unspoken but silent. Now I have found you, I want you to be part of me again, to be in touch, to see, to speak out loud again. Vividly, I always want you to be as per your nature and make good use of your power to enlighten sorrowness, loneliness, alienatedness, borsomeness and stupidness. This is all about what I want from you and also what you can do for others, my blog.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Skycrapers, is it really good?

In Cambodia, many young people, not all are very interesting with skycrapers, even though not many yet built in Phnom Penh. Does it really necessary need skycrapers to become a cosmopolitan city? or so-called modern city. What are advantages and disadvantages of skycraper in a city? Not many people really interest to know about it. Is it important for everyone daily life to know? This is a good debate topic, if there is one to be held in PnP.
(Above piccs, Tokyo Cosmopolitan City Building)

Friday, August 17, 2007

During the rain!!!

Last couple of weeks, my friends and I had a trip to Sihanouk Vile. When we left Phnom Penh at around 2pm, the sun was shinning and very hot. After passed Pich Nil, a place where traveller on National Road 4 very well known, the weather gradually changing. It was like we were going into a new world, because the sky getting dark so quick and the drop of rain starting to fall. It was when everyone of friends were paying respect to the famous lady status on a side of the road, that I realized that I was interesting to know how people think when the rain fall.

When I was at high school, during the teacher absence, we always gather and played ball inside or near by our high. The most exciting period was playing the ball in the rain. It was funny, slippery, dangerous and more. I walked home after playing the ball, my mum always said to me to stop playing in the rain.

After finish high, I continued my study at university. During this time, raining was not a good time for me and my friends to go to play football anymore. Why? No one really want to get dirty. Even when a small rain drop fall from the sky, everyone start to run to take cover under the roof or school building. When I looked from the window of my classroom, I felt different. My face was not smile, my eyes getting soft, and I asked myself what was going on with me. where all my fun time go?

Shortly after our graduation, all my friends got a job, we barely see each other. Then when the rain start to fall, what am i going to do? staying inside, read the book, watch tv, talking with friends on the phone. Then, I realize that there is only one thing doesnt change in our life is "change". From from second the another, there are so many things happen around the world.

To keep oneself catch up with the rest world is not that simple, alot of efforts require to do so. Does everyone have to be like that? where our simple life? Keep asking.

This is the end of "During the Rain"

Monday, April 30, 2007

Neang Sak Kro Oub (Good Smell Hair Lady)

Do you remember the question in the last two posts? If not, look back to the post titled "coming back!!!", then you will see a question about the wood in the middle of the photo. Well, I do not think many people know the answer or even guess correctly.

Let me try to give you an answer which is based on my uncle narration when I visited the site last few months. My uncle started to tell us about the history of the area that local people known as Prey Yutika (Anchor's Forest). It refers to this wood, it is believed, the left of Siam (Thai) ship's anchor when the came to capture one famous Khmer woman who was living there.
During that time, part of our Kingdom was still under sea water. It was said that there was a Khmer lady who had good smell and long hair and beauty. She was later got married to a man in the same village. Because of her beauty and good smell hair, she became very famous. Word to word, it reached the near by Kingdom, Siam. The Siam King in that time became very interest when he heard about her beauty and keen to have her as his queen. The Siam King tried many times to persuade the good smell lady to married him, but failed.
The Siam King never gave up, he set up a small group of his closed official to find out what best way to capture the lady. The team, then, found that the "Good Smell Hair Lady" love to watch the theatre show very much. Then, they reported immediately to the Siam King. After knowing that the lady loves the theatre show, the King once again commanded a good of theatre performers ship in to the area and organized a performance. No one had notice the bad intention of the King, the villager went to see the performance and really enjoy the show. The "Good Smell Hair Lady" was also one of the spectors. While she was enjoying the show, the secret team of the Siam King kidnapped her and get her on their ship. The ship crew were in a hurry and feared that her husband and villagers found out, they could not get their ship anchor on board, but they just cut the rope and left immediately. So, people speak from one person to another that the wood which left until today over there was the Siam King ship's anchor.
Whether or not true, no one could come up and justify about this matter. But, after listen to my uncle narration, I was very interested by this story. I will try to find further explanation when I go to the site again next time. What do you think about this story?

Friday, April 27, 2007

Farmer House

Good morning, blogger and blog-reader!
I have nothing special to share with you today, only a farmer house.Do you find any thing that interest you the most? Any idea?

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Coming back!!!

This is a photo of rice field located in Takeo province, it is near border between Vietnam and Cambodia. Quess, how peasant transport their crop? I heard from local people that this area rice field has high yield.
Anyone would like to guess what is the log in the middle of photo?

It has been such a long time that I have not updated this blog. I have no excuse, but only wish to make this blog better. Time is flying like an arrow, just like many people always say losing time, losing money. After I returned to Cambodia, I have seen my beloved country changed alot but I have no idea if these changes good or bad. Many of my friends also share the same concern. Sometime during the get-together, we always come up with this matter.

For capital habitant, they may enjoy with this rapid changes. We can easily notice with many new building being constructed and many shops opened. More vehicles running on the road in twon, making the traffic so heavy during the rush hour. Many adult and young people dressing in very lastest model outfit. Are these changes (others said it is development???)good for Khmer society? Some of my friends, they said that we are in era of globalization and we need to catch up with the outside world. Moving forward to keep the gap small between developed society and least-developed society is the sole goal that people think when talking about globalization. I frankly do not disagree with this concept, but how?

Well, I let you all answer to this question yourself.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

On a way down the hill to our final destination.

These pics on the way down the hill to our final destination near by the big lake.